Half Full Design House

Why Hello!
I see that you’ve stumbled onto our humble little page and for that we’re thankful. Now, If you could be so kind to take a moment to read along and let us introduce ourselves.

We are a design duo known as April and Agata; each possessing a keen eye for cute things and a knack for structure, layout and design. Both are well established with a professional artistic background and will do everything to best showcase you/your brand and create that vision you’ve been dying to bring to life.

You know what they say about two heads?! They’re better than one.

Though independent designers, we are often caught working as a team and collabing on a wide range of projects as well as tackling many design limitations/problems. We run ideas and process work by each other to ensure the best possible solutions have been pinpointed. Bouncing ideas is a positive/productive way to achieve/create the most unique/customized work for you.

Let us solve your design crisis’. Whether it be logo design, photoshoots, event designs (typographic &illustration), etc.

With minds open and hearts full; we will deliver quality work. Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!


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