Half Full Design House

Custom Logo Creation Process

How can we guarantee a unique custom logo? Because the service or product you provide is distinctive and special. It’s why at the end of the day customers come to you and trust you. We focus to visually represent your business values and unique qualities into a logo that can be used to kick start […]

We Take Care of Your Logo

You may have come to notice that your logo is a job on its own. As your business grows you’ll need to adapt your logo to different mediums and sizes. File formatting can be an alien thing and turn into quite a headache if you are unaware of the specifications. When you get a custom […]

Animated Header Image

Did we catch your eye with our motion graphic? Awesome! That’s exactly what we were trying to do. It’s well known that customers decide whether they stay on your site in seconds. Why not take control of those seconds and create an environment for your intro. Create a unique way to engage with your customers. […]

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