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Custom Logo Budget and Completion Time Expectancy

If you’re starting a business you’ll begin to think about your symbol, identity, or what’s most commonly known as your logo. Maybe you simply require a redesign? Here’s what you need to know when picking Half Full for your logo and branding needs:

Completion Time

Be prepared to set aside 1-2 weeks (even 3 weeks!) when you choose to work with Half Full. The more time that is given provides us more time for in-depth exploration of the logo concepts to be built, be tested, and perfected.


When working with Half Full you will need a budget ranging from $500-$1500+. Here we will explain the difference between the low and high ends of the budget:

$500 – You are an up and coming business with a minimal budget. You even tried an online logo maker or two but found that you would like more personalization and/or require help from visual experts. Your budget doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a plain online logo maker design, we will gladly give you a hand and add a creative touch!

$1500 – Your logo will be research, brainstormed and poked from every angle. It will go through discussions, be reviewed and exhausted till no end. Everything will be thought through to perfection. It will be the best possible version of your vision.

How are we utilizing the given time and budget?

Research, brainstorm/ sketches/ concepts/ mockups, review/ feedback and prepared final files.

Thinking about Final Files

Thinking about where your logo will appear at the end of the process will help the overall process. What will be your first needs? For your website? Business cards? Will you need a symbol for social media avatars? Unfortunately, logo application is not one size fits all and knowing where the logo will appear will help us design and prepare the final files. We understand that your business grows and so will your logo needs, read more on how we take care of your logo here.

Raw Bee logo with border
Raw Bee logo with no border
Horizontal Raw Bee logo

You might even be interested in an animated logo to add a little more personality. More time, planning and budget will be required.

Are you ready to get your logo started with HFDH? Read about our custom logo process or contact us here.

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