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Custom Logo Creation Process

How can we guarantee a unique custom logo? Because the service or product you provide is distinctive and special. It’s why at the end of the day customers come to you and trust you. We focus to visually represent your business values and unique qualities into a logo that can be used to kick start your brand.

We collect the following information to start the process:
  1. Name/ Slogan/ Identity/ Colour
    First and for most a very important key to the puzzle. If you don’t know the colour then we’ll help you figure that out later.
  2. Your Bussiness/ Product/ Service/ Values or Unique Qualities
    Let us know everything about your business. Pick descriptive words. Elevated? Classy? Cheeky? Fun? Let us know your personality.
    If you currently have a website with all this information, send us a link! We’ll gladly take a look over it.
  3. Mood Board/ Colour
    A great place to start is Pinterest.com. It’s a wonderful tool to start collecting images that resonate with you and your business. It’s also a great place to be inspired for colour if you didn’t know in step 1.
  4. Due Date/ Budget
    An important piece of the logo process puzzle is the completion time and budget. It’s a pretty loaded topic, for which we explain more in-depth here.
Example of Pinterest mood board for Atypical Fronds

And that’s how we get started! From here, we visually depict the information to help create your ultimate logo.

Next Steps

Final logo for Atypical Fronds
  1. Feedback
    We schedule a time close to the middle of the process for your feedback. We refine the design to continue to best reside with your vision.
  2. Final Files
    We receive your approval and prep your final files according to your business need. For more information about how Half Full takes care of your logo click here.

Contact HFDH today to get your custom logo started.

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